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Island Paradise?

Where would you rather be if you have the choice of an island paradise holiday?  Would it be as far away as Hawaii or Palawan in the Philippines?  Or would it be closer to home:  here in Europe you could choose Rhodes, Lanzarota or Ireland?  Enjoy a slide show giving you a taste of what makes these islands a paradise – or not – and decide which would be best for you.

The island state of Hawaii in the USA is very far from anything, yet has 5 island destinations worth visiting so if you are going there from Europe it means trying to see everything at once.  But the Philippines has over 7,000 islands meaning choosing the right place is incredibly difficult.  And what about here in Europe?  Greece has plenty of destinations; and Spain doesn’t only have the Grand Canaries, but also Mallorca or Ibiza to choose from.  And if we want to practice our English then Great Britain and Ireland are a pair of island countries to think about.

What roles do infrastructure, accommodation, transportation, activities, clean beaches, good weather, or affordability play on the decision of where to go to begin with?  How do these things impact our view of our own personal paradise once we have visited the place?  Come, see and make your own decision about what your own island paradise might be like.