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MA in Tourism Management

Master in Tourism Management is recommended if you…
  • have studied tourism before but would like to get a deeper insight into tourism as a phenomenon as well as an industry;
  • would like to widen your knowledge gained from your previous studies in other academic areas with specific tourism knowledge;
  • see challenge in complex problems and bring different interests into common ground;
  • wish to follow the international pace but without losing sight of the national features;
  • are interested in complex tasks, such as destination management or organisation of the tasks of large scale tourism enterprises;
  • would like to participate in the drafting of successful project development proposals;
  • would like to work in senior management positions in tourism.
Our graduates can be employed by…
  • tourism destination management organisations (DMOs);
  • national tourism management bodies, foreign offices of the Hungarian National Tourist Office;
  • hotels and hotel chains;
  • tour operators, conference organisers;
  • environmental protection organisations, national parks;
  • cultural institutions, festival organisers;
  • sports facilities, organisers of sporting events;
  • research institutes, consultancy firms, tendering businesses;
  • higher educational institutions offering tourism courses.

Furthermore, the obtained knowledge will qualify our graduates to launch and succesfully operate their own businesses.

Classification of the degree certificate
Economist in Tourism Management
Place of training
Form of financing
State-funded or self-funded
Form of training
Full time
Study duration
4 semesters
Application without precondition
Those holding a (BA/BSc) degree in tourism and catering (or an equivalent degree of higher education issued before the Bologna reform) can be accepted to the Master’s programme without precondition.
Application with precondition
Students holding a degree of any level of higher education (BA/BSc, MA/MSc or former college or university Programme) need to have at least 60 credit points from their earlier studies completed in certain study fields. The list of these study fields can be found on our website.
Calculation of the entry points

There are two methods to establish the admission score: the sum of the admission interview (max. 45 points) and the grade point average in the transcript (max. 45 points), or the doubling points of the admission interview (max. 90 points). Maximum 10 additional points can be gained for achievements listed in the Higher Education Admissions Information Brochure (Felsőoktatási felvételi tájékoztató).

At the admission interview an admissions board will assess each applicant individually, based on their previous studies and employment, with the aim of assessing the chances of successful completion of the Master’s programme.

Content of the Programme

The content listed bellow is for informative purposes; for further details see the Programme in the curriculum.

Foundation core modules
Quantitative Methods in Economics, Strategic Management, Economic Policy, Advanced Corporate Finance, International Business Communication, Managerial Decisions, Service Quality Management, E-marketing, Research Methods, Project Planning and Management

Tourism specific modules
Tourism Policy and Planning, Tourism and Travel Law, Organisation and Management of Integrated Tourism Businesses, Leisure Management, Transport and Tourism, Business Case Studies in Tourism, Attraction and Visitor Management, Strategic Destination Marketing, Sustainability in Tourism

Dissertation work

More information about the MSc in Tourism Management


Dr. Ágnes Raffay – Danyi
Head of Programme

University of Pannonia – Department of Tourism

Address: H-8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.
Phone: (88) 624-646

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