I am Can,  from Fethiye, western part of  Turkey, border of the Mediterrian Sea. And I study  Hospitality Management at Tourism Faculty in Muğla University. I really like my University and my university life in Muğla. Muğla is not so big city, I think it looks like Veszprem . And when I was in Turkey I like play basketboll with my friends in my free time also I can play basketboll in my faculty team and I like swimming, snorkelling, travelling a lot, trekking and I like watching my football teams football match.

So how is my erasmus life in Veszprem ? Whole nights just parties, just drinking and of course studying during the day J I’ve got the idea coming to Hungary from my homemates while they were studying as erasmus students in Veszprem. Thanks to my friends.
By the way alcohol is really really cheap here, so it was one of the reason to come.  I’m studying Tourism for my bachelor’s degree and of course I’ve tourism courses here and luckily they’re not too hard so I’ve lots of time to learn Hungarian.
Thanks to the good location, we have been travelling a lot, both in Hungary and abroad. I like Veszprem and I like my erasmus life. So thats all about me.