Hi, everyone!


My name is Gita Rupjā and I come from Latvia. Very often when I’m saying Latvia, people are making interesting faces- it is visible, that they don’t have any idea where it is, but it is so funny, because no one wants to admit their poor knowledge in geography, so I have heard so many guesses… 😀 even Asia!

So if you don’t know where Latvia is – it is your homework to find out. 🙂

In Latvia I’m studying at Vidzemes University of Applied Sciences, I’m a third year student in Tour Guide program. It’s fun and interesting but at the same time very, very responsible. Those who know me better, could say that can cause some problems (but I’m trying). 🙂

If I need to say 100 % truth, when I was applying for Erasmus studies, Hungary was not in my list of choice and till the beginning of August I didn’t know to which country and university for Erasmus studies I will go. So when I got response from University of Pannonia I was so surprised and excited.

Before coming to Hungary I spent a summer in Cyprus for my internship and I didn’t have a long break before coming here, that’s why Hungary for me was like a white page- without any knowledge and stereotypes about my destination. Everything what happens here and what I see helps to make my impression about this country. And so far I can be only glad that I have a chance to discover everything here by myself with your help guys (Erasmus and Hungarian friends). 🙂  And there is no doubt now about the knowledge and useful experiences I will gain in  my private and academic life.

So thanks everyone for these great months in Hungary!