Eglé2Hi, I’m Egle. I came from one of the most beautiful Lithuanias’ city – Klaipėda.
There I’m studying recreation and tourism in Klaipėda university. It may sound strange, but I like my university because of it’s exterior :) It’s a complex of red-bricked buildings, which looks so nobly and makes me proud that I’m a part of this university. Well, if talk about Lithuania, I can say, that it’s small (only 3 million people) but very homey. There are lot of forests, lakes and, of course, Baltic sea. I’ve heard that people from other countries say that Lithuania is “a green” country, and it’s true. We don’t have any mountains, but Lithuania is the only country in Europe, where are lot of mounds left from ancient days.

In my free time I like to be with my friends or family. Also I like music, so if there is a possibility, I’m playing with drums.

I’ve chosen Pannonia university because of it’s location :) I saw the city in the internet and i decided that there’s no better place for my Erasmus studies than Veszprem ;)