Fotó: Candy Fresacher

Fotó: Candy Fresacher

Tanzanian Safari – Presented by Candy Fresacher

7pm, October 10, 2012

World Travellers’ Club

Central Dorm (Központi Kollégium, Egyetem Street 10)

In Swahili „safari” means a journey. So come and take a journey with us to Tanzania to see the animals and scenery of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and three other national parks of the north.

The most important part of a safari is to see the African Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinoceros, buffalo and elephants. But there are plenty of other animals and birds, plants, lakes, streams, mountains and grass to open your eyes and ears to the stories they have to tell. And it is their story: you – the human being – are just an observer, someone trying to patch together the tales you see into the fabrics that make up the circle of life.

Come and enjoy the sights, see if you can find the animals in the scenery and come up with some stories of your own.

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