Fotó: Candy Fresacher

Fotó: Candy Fresacher

Brazil – 5 unique experiences in one country

Presented by Candy Fresacher

7pm, October 8, 2013

Central Dorm (Központi Kollégium, 10 Egyetem Street)

The river dominates the country of Brazil – from Rio de Janeiro, a city that is not even on a river but was thought to be, to the great Amazon, my experiences in Brazil had a lot to do with water.
Come and experience my 5 vacations packed into three weeks of travelling around the country.
From the excitement of the cities, to the rush of Iguaçu Falls, to the watery swamplands of the Pantanal, to the dark mysterious waters of the Amazon and Rio Negro and finally to the surprises waiting below the city of Sao Luis, Brazil is a land of contrasts and diversity.

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