My name is Ágnes Scherdán and I’m attending the Tourism Management MA course in English at the (Faculty of Economics) University of Pannonia. This is my first semester. I chose the English „version” of this study because I think it will be easier for us to get a better job, than for those who learn it in Hungarian. In the future I might work abroad and therefore the good English knowledge is indispensable.

In this semester we have some basic compulsory subjects – like Strategic Management, Managerial Decisions and Local Government Finance and Economics -, and some more practice-orientated ones, like Tourism Policy and Planning and Organization and management of integrated tourism businesses. On the last one, we’re having lots of guest speakers from the tourism sector during the semester, which is really interesting and useful for us.

So if you would like to do your MA studies in the field of Tourism and you speak English, do not hesitate to choose this program – you will only benefit from this!