Következő bemutatkozónk, Jan Schubert, Németországból…

Hello everybody,

Jan-képMy name is Jan, I am 23 years old and I am coming to Veszprém for, as it seems at the moment, 10 months. So it is worth to read this introduction :-). I am coming from Germany from the technical University in Darmstadt, which is near Frankfurt. There I am in the master degree of industrial engineering with specification on mechanical engineering. My home university is very good for studying but not so beautiful, because it is mainly made from concrete! So when I am homesick, I just have to go to building I and it will be better ;-). But actually I am totally not homesick, because I am feeling very comfortable here with my new Hungarian and multinational friends from our Erasmus group. I do not only like the people I also like the country at all. For me it is very beautiful and there are a lot of interesting activities, which we can do in our free time. And because I am staying here for a longer time I am really looking forward to the summer at lake Balaton.

I chose Hungary for my exchange year, because I wanted to do something different than all of my fellow students, which are going where so many students from my university have been before. I wanted to find something special and I am happy that I found it here!

In Germany I was doing sports very often. Anyhow I have not been doing sports so often here in Veszprém. Therefore my “going out at night to have only one drink” activities increased unbelievable fast. But I think the tasty Soproni and the good hungarian food will prevent me from getting fat 🙂