KirilHi, I am Kiril from Germany and will tell you something about me and how I came to Veszprem.

I’m 27 years old and studying industrial engineering in Darmstadt, a city near to Frankfurt.

The “Technische Universität Darmstadt”, my home-university has a very long tradition and is one of Germany’s leading universities. It is well-known even beyond the boarders of Germany for its outstanding researches in engineering and computer sciences. But if you think that a university of technology only produces geeks and nerds without intercultural communication skills you are wrong.

By having more than 100 partner universities all over the world the TU Darmstadt offers a great opportunity to its students to learn about different cultures and people.

With such many choices, you see, it was not easy to choose the right university for my ERASMUS trip. And to be honest the University of Pannonia chose me. I was looking for an interesting issue for my thesis which I wanted to write in and about a country abroad. Luckily I got the possibility to do some researches in Hungary and now I am living in this beautiful city called Veszprem.

The city is situated in a breathtaking landscape. I am happy to be here and to live surrounded by my new ERASMUS family. Twelve People from different countries sharing a common goal: Having fun, enjoying our life and getting to a new culture.