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dodo-képMy name is Doğukan Uzunyaşa and I am coming from Turkey. I was born in Istanbul and I lived over there 18 years. During the university years I had to move Aydın in Turkey’s south-west. I study Hospitality Management in Tourism Department at Adnan Menderes University in Kuşadası. I am on my 7th semester now. Hopefully, if I pass my all of exam here, I will graduate end of this academic year. Also, second semester, I have to do internship. If I find nice hotels in Hungary (especially in Budapest) to do internship, it will be perfect for me. I want to do that in Hungary, Because I liked this country with everything. We have really similar culture. Also there are a lot of similar words between Hungarian and Turkish. First time, when I saw some words even sentences, I was surprised. I am in Hungary since first week of August. I was in hungarian language course (EILC) at ELTE in August. I lived the best days of my life in Budapest for 3 weeks. After Budapest, I came to Veszprém, of course Veszprém does not like Budapest but quite nice city. Especially people are very helpful and friendly. I am here to see new place, to know new people and of course to study like every erasmus student. I am so happy to be Erasmus family member at University of Pannonia. Fortunately, I joined to Erasmus at Pannon Egyetem in Veszprém. Finally, I want say one sentence in Hungarian, also in Turkish. Please do not forget this, because I will never I know it’s not so same but sound is really same…

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