The term ‘business as usual’ doesn’t quite cut it these days. Being in the middle of a health and economic crisis (pandemic) makes it rather tough to continue trucking along in life, let alone business. It can be difficult to navigate the uncharted waters in a deeply sensitive conversation, both offline and online.

However, The Future of Tech Congress now starting to see brands peek from underneath the cloth, attempting to find a creative way to spread the message of social distancing through the power of social media and online conversation. Brands in the last few months have been jumping into the trending topic online that is COVID-19. The majority of consumers these days actually want brands to take a stand on what happens in our world today, where 64% worldwide will make a purchase based on a brand’s social or political stance.

This high profile, exclusive event brings together the most influential leaders in business, education and government to recognize and celebrate business success, supported by the area’s most important professionals and advisors.

Winning an„Internet Entrepreneur Award” is the highest possible accolade and will elevate your business to a higher echelon of excellence. Attending the event will remain a highlight of the business calendar, and associating with the awards will align your brand with the most prestigious business event of 2020.

The Future of Tech Congress also understand that not every business is in the mood for celebration right now but also feel that awards present an opportunity for leaders to demonstrate their hard work and success & reward their staff, during both good and bad times. They will attempt to recognize and reward individuals, teams and brands that conquered adversity with their strength of perseverance, innovative outlook and sustainable processes.

This virtual event will be held on 15th October, 2020.


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