Ready to revolutionize sports turf? Imagine synthetic and natural grass blending for peak performance and planet-friendly impact. Picture a field promoting climate protection with fewer plastics, renewables, and 50% longer lifespan.

Concerned about water scarcity? Dive deeper into reducing evaporation and demand.

Sustainability and innovation core, easily rejuvenated in green spaces. Embrace eco-friendly development and decide sustainably.

Redefine the playing field – amplify performance, minimize footprint.

Are you ready? Play smart, play green – play with purpose.

In the framework of the University of Pannonia’s National Laboratory for Climate Change project, we talked with dott. Niko Sarris, inventor of Hybrid Grass System, about the effects of climate change on business prospective.

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The podcast was produced as part of the grant project RRF-2.3.1-21-2022-00014 “Multidisciplinary National Laboratory for Climate Change”.