Hendrik Weyers

Hendrik WeyersVajon hogyan érzik magukat nálunk a külföldi diákok? Olvassátok Hendrik Weyers veszprémi élményeit.

“We were offered to do an Erasmus+ exchange programme at our hometown university. This was a very nice opportunity to stay in another country for some time for an affordable amount of money.

I have never been to Hungary before, so I asked some relatives if it was worth visiting. They told me how beautiful Budapest was and that the people in Hungary were very kind and helpful, so I chose to go to Veszprém to get to know more about this country.

And I do not regret this decision at all. The people are all really nice and I am having a great time with all the international students from all over the world.

The student hostel I am staying in creates a great opportunity to get to know many people from the whole world – not only Hungarians, but other Erasmus students from different countries. The university is very close to the hostel and the classes are very interesting. The professors are very competent and they offer to help with any problems that occur.

I am enjoying my stay in Veszprém a lot and I am looking forward for the rest of the time I can spend here.”

Hendrik Weyers, Germany