On 19-21 September 2022 University of Pannonia Faculty of Business and Economics hosted the partners of the Train-E Hotel project in Veszprém for a project meeting.

Main objective of the project: Cooperation in order to establish and run “training hotels” as training environments to develop tourism undergraduates´ hospitality skills.

The project responds to the dynamically changing and extensive expectations of the labor market towards the graduates of tourism study programmes. The rapid development of digital technologies, the process of globalisation and the increasing need to act in an “eco-friendly” way in post-covid era get tourism undergraduates into educational situations in which they have to address challenges in the best possible way to be prepared both professionally and personally to be a great asset to the society.

The idea of the presented project-plan has emerged from the need to create a kind of business training environment for implementing professional activities similar to the real conditions and circumstances of practice in the field of hospitality and tourism. The training environment will have the form of a fictional hotel fulfilling a dual function of professional and educational nature.

The main aim of the creation of a training workplace for students of relevant study programmes in the field of tourism is to deepen important and necessary professional skills – hard skills and competencies. Besides, thanks to the collaboration of many students and educators, the “training” hotel will also represent an environment for developing personal skills – soft skills and transversal competencies.