Bogdány_EszterThe objective of the strategic management research field is to achieve results that can be used in practice, while contributing to the development of the Hungarian and international leadership culture. The strategic management researches focus on the investigation of the national- and organizational culture, the knowledge sharing applications and knowledge management practices, and the identification of the key factors of successful projects. One of the main direction of this filed studies the increased importance of human resources, their economics and management.

The main focus of the technological management research field is the supply chain management research, which analyses the theoretical and practical problems in value chains. On one hand our methodological researches support the fields of economics, business and management. On the other hand, these researches contribute to the increase of the enterprise efficiency by developing unique customized solutions for optimizing the production and service processes.

Our research activity in economics focuses on the national and regional development and innovation studies, during which in cooperation with the Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences we deal with the results of current researches and the practical issues of the economy of Hungary. We examine infrastructural developments, which facilitate the correspondence between the ability of certain regions to attract working capital and the innovation potential. The competition and market theory researches focus on the nature of certain markets, industries, segments and the behaviour of the market players within the study fields of information economics and economics of regulation.

In the field of business researches the focus is on the analysis of data of the micro- and macro financing of specific financial segments and the demographical and income layering data. Central issues of our researches are the comparative analysis of accounting systems and standards and the problems of performance evaluation and management at enterprises. Furthermore, the examination of the causes of the development differences between certain regions, counties and settlements are also in our focus. Our marketing research activity focuses on the application of various marketing solutions in Hungary – such as the ethnic marketing, the in-game advertising and the marketing of CSR, which are all already widely-used in Western countries. We also consider our researches exploring the success- and failure factors of touristic product developments and hotel industry innovations..

Innovation research at the Faculty of Business and Economics

The Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pannonia views innovation as a process and it examines its results on organisational and regional level. The aim of our innovation researches is to enable enterprises to react quickly to the market challenges and to support enterprises in conserving and increasing their competitiveness.

Our research groups focus on the following four fields of innovation:

14_GTK_oktatok_0371. Product innovation – The introduction of a new or significantly re-designed product or service. In the focus of our researches are the quality, the availability and the cost-efficient planning.

2. Process innovation – It is a radical change, which affects the value-creation ability of the enterprises. Researches prove that a significant improvement in operations result in the improvement of financial results.

3. Organisational innovation – realisation of new organisational methods in the company’s everyday life, in the work activity management or in public relations or to minimise administrative and transactional costs, to improve employee satisfaction or for the better application of knowledge. Our Knowledge Management and Strategic Management research groups deal with the above mentioned challenges and offer solutions in certain market situations. Our organisational culture researches focus on the aspects of organisational culture, on the identification of the weaknesses and offer innovative solutions.

4. Marketing innovation – The application of new marketing methods, which bring a significant change into the product development, packaging, distributing, and advertising or into the pricing. Our research groups focus on the discovery of the sectorial best practices, on benchmarking, on competitor analysis, on customer satisfaction analysis and on the analysis of innovative sales promotion tools. We find it important to explore the correspondence between R&D activity and marketing.

Research groups at the Faculty of Business and Economics:


The Faculty of Business and Economics hosts the HAS-UP Networked Research Group on Regional Innovation and Development Studies, whose head is Prof. Dr. Ádám Török member of the Hungarian Academy of Science. The starting point of their researches is that the spread of innovations does not only depend on the entrepreneurs, but on their environment, too. Their researches focus on the region’s ability to accept innovation, and the development of environment, which is open for innovation. According to the Research Group it is possible to develop a regional innovation, which can increase the region’s competitiveness and can contribute to the continuous improvement.