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University of Pannonia
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Extraordinary lessons by Leonard Cseh

Extraordinary lessons by Leaonard Cseh

Extraordinary lessons by Leaonard Cseh

American-Hungarian Presentation Day

Winners of the Presentation Day 2013.

Winners of the Presentation Day 2013.

Join a unique cross-national presentation day with guest presenters form the Clayton State University (USA).
Date and venue: 12. 03. 2014 Veszprém, Building “B” Conference Center (2nd floor)

8.10-8.15 Introducing Presentation Day by Dr. Margaret Thompson and Edit Komlósi

8.15-8.25    Anas Alghfily, Nouf Alghonimy: Wireless communication

8.30-8.40    Krisztina Szeip, Balázs Varga: Google

8.45-8.55    Hajnalka Jakab, Henrietta Harsányi: Prezi –Presenting in a different way

9.00-9.10    Turki Alsulaiman, Ghassan Nasser: Stock Market

9.15-9.25    Barbara Brunner, Rita Berta: MASAT 1- The first indigenous Hungarian satellite

9.30-9.40    Adam Hamblin, Serkan Saglam: Starting a Business

9.45-9.55    Csaba Légrádi, Eszter Kovács: SOLVO – Biotechnology

10.00-10.10    Zóra Ivony, Nándor Patócs: Cserpes- Dairy product start-up company

10.15-10.30    Coffee Break

10.35-10.45    Alex Vetnar, Will Shenstone: US Collegiate Sports

10.50-11.00    Zsófia Bangó, Krisztina Farkas: Hungarian inventors and inventions

11.05-11.15    Akwasi Twumasi Appiah, Nenlay Wreh: Banking system

11.20-11.30    Stephanie Gates, Lizcha Bennett: Health Care

International Afternoon 2014


International Afternoon 2014


Knowledge Mangement course by Prof. Bratianu in April 2014

Professor Bratianu

Prof. Dr. Constantin Bratianu is professor of Strategic Management and Knowledge Management at the Faculty of Business Administration, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania. He is Director of the Research Centre for Intellectual Capital, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. He is a member of the American Academy of Management, Southern Association of Management, USA, and International Association of Knowledge Management. He published over 30 books, and over 200 papers in international journals and international conference proceedings. His main academic interests are: knowledge dynamics, knowledge management, intellectual capital, and strategic management.

In Prof. Bratianu’s course (7th-11th April 2014) the students can learn about the theory and practice of knowledge management and relating approaches including:

Knowledge economy. Knowledge management. Understanding knowledge by using metaphors. Explicit and tacit knowledge. Nonaka’s model for knowledge dynamics. The multifield model for knowledge dynamics. Emotional knowledge. Spiritual knowledge. Knowledge creation and acquisition. Knowledge sharing. Organizational learning and learning organization. Intellectual capital.

knowledge_mgtThis course invites master students from not only the Faculty of Business and Economics, but also master students of the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences.

The Knowledge Management (VEGTVESV44T) course is free of charge for the students and 6 credits can be obtained.

In case of any question please feel free to contact Dr. Anikó Csepregi (; building A, 1st floor, office A129c ) at the Department of Management, Faculty of Business and Economics.



Career Development

career development

Attend the International Week and WIN!


Erasmus Faculty Exchange Programme

erasmus_logo178What do you have to know about the Erasmus Faculty Exchange Programme?

ERASMUS Faculty Exchange programme gives university lecturers the possibility to spend teaching periods abroad. Lecturers give generally short courses, as part of the official curriculum of a partner university in another European country.  These periods can last from 1 week up to 6 weeks (minimum 5 teaching hours), depending on the need and arrangement with the host institution.  Priority is given to candidates who participate for the first time in Erasmus Faculty Exchange. Only institutions which hold an Erasmus University Charter may send or receive an Erasmus faculty. There must be prior agreement between the universities concerned before a faculty can benefit from the Erasmus scheme. The participating faculty must be nationals of one of the countries participating in Erasmus program. The time spent in the host country is fully recognized by your home university.

Lecturing experiences in Rome

Professor Peter luspioMihályi, Head of the Department of Finance went to Italy, as an Erasmus exchange professor at the invitation of the LUSPIO university, located in Rome.   This took place between 4-11 May, 2013.

LUSPIO was founded in 1996 with the aim of offering degree courses that would meet the growing demand for professional graduates in the fields of interpreting, translation, economics and political science.  Professor Mihályi held three 3 hours lectures both to BA and MA students on different subjects ranging from comparative economics and the new financial theories of the present international financial crisis.

LUSPIO is interested to enhance cooperation with us, the University of Pannonia in several areas, but primarily in training Master students of tourism and catering.  One opportunity would be to send Hungarian students to Rome for a 1-2 month practical training, which would include paid work as well.

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