Who we are

The Budapest Ranking Research Group (BRRG) won a five years grant (2017-22), affiliated to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and hosted by University Pannonia.

The groups is going to develop a methodology which is able to produce robust, reliable and easy to interpretable ranking of universities belonging to the crowded midrange. The main challenge in such endeavour is that in that midrange the position of the universities are very sensitive to small changes of the used indicators and weights as well.

In our work we strictly follow a few principle

1. Rankings should be based

a. on statistically relevant size of datasets,
b. unbiased and verifiable data,
c. no survey or other subjective source should be used.

2. We do not use ad hoc weights to aggregate of indicators.

3. The developed indicators should have solid social science relevance and result of their usage should be properly interpretable in the context defined in advance.

Our principal goal is to create some tools for universities which help them to position themselves in the higher education market, in their effort of value creation and serving the community.

Members of the research group:

Publications in English:

  • András TELCS, Zsolt Tibor KOSZTYÁN, Ádám TÖRÖK (2016): Unbiased one-dimensional university ranking – application-based preference ordering, JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICS 43 (1), pp. 212-228. DOI, REAL, WoS, Scopus
  • Andras TELCS, Zsolt Tibor KOSZTYAN, Ildiko NEUMANN-VIRAG, Attila KATONA, Adam TOROK (2015): Analysis of Hungarian Students’ College Choices. PROCEDIA – SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES 191 (6), pp. 255-263. DOI, REAL