• are open to the world and interested in other cultures and feel comfortable in international environment,
  • regard the globalized world economy as the natural environment of today’s business operation and you want to explore their specific characteristics,
  • would like to study the EU markets and the institutions and policies of the EU in depth,
  • are interested in the various techniques of international negotiations and successful negotiation strategies,
  • are interested in the operation and role of international organizations, and are tempted to participate in economic diplomacy,
  • believe that foreign language communication skills of an international economic specialist are essential.
  • wish to apply the gained knowledge at transnational or multinational companies and learn more about global trends.
  • multinational corporations,
  • international trade enterprises,
  •  international service providers,
  • organisations participating in (EU) projects),
  • organisations in interstate relations,
  • international professional associations,
  • printed and electronic media,
  • municipalities,
  • non-governmental organisations.

The knowledge and skills acquired will enable you to start up and operate your own business.

  • Finished secondary school studies.
    TOEFL or IELTS or Attestation of Language Proficiency in case of English language former studies is needed.
  • … many of the basic subjects of the study programme are taught from the books written and edited by the professors of the University of Pannonia?
  • … the courses of international economics are taught by senior academics with high academic qualifications?
  • … you can also study international business and international marketing alongside European Union Studies?

More information about the BSc in International Business Economics:


Head of Programme
Building “A” 2nd floor Room 214
Phone: + 36 88 624-000/6264
e-mail: virag.ildiko@gtk.uni-pannon.hu


International coordinator
Building “A” 1st floor Room 101
Phone: +36 88 624 885
e-mail: vajda.tunde@gtk.uni-pannon.hu