We regret to inform you that due to the coronavirus emergency the Summer University 2020 will be cancelled.

Goals of the Summer University

The aim of the Summer University is to make the Hungarian Higher Education more attractive for international students. Summer University provides good opportunity to introduce Hungary with the eyes of a tourist and a student in the same time while feeling the special atmosphere of a countryside university and a wonderful, historic town. Students just have fun and behave like a tourist meanwhile get to know deeply the methodology and practise of tour guiding. Through the programmes students of the summer university easily learn leisure management, sport activity management, thematic trip organisation, historic and religion trip guiding.
Summer University 2019

Why to apply?

Top 10 reasons to apply to Summer University in Veszprém:

✔ High quality training
✔ Professional development
✔ Exploring Hungary (Europe)
✔ Networking
✔ New experiences
✔ Language skill development
✔ Intercultural environment
✔ Friendly atmosphere
✔ Beautiful historic town
✔ Touristic programmes


*The professional study course, the organized additional programmes, the accommodation for 12 nights and three meals per day for two weeks are provided by the University of Pannonia.
The travel cost and the spending money need to be covered by the participants

Programme of the Summer University

The summer university starts on Sunday.

Every day students participate on the 6 hours long training activity. They work in groups to develop sightseeing tours and leisure time programmes together and try the feasibility of the planned tours.

They work on the following theme:
✔  city tours,
✔  walking and bus sightseeing tours,
✔  museum visits,
✔  tour guide behaviour,
✔  type of tourists
✔  rout planning for groups,
✔  interpretation technics,
✔  interpretation of art history,
✔  religious tours focusing on groups.

Relating to the above mentioned topics, students organise leisure time and cultural programmes like these:
✔  sightseeing in Budapest,
✔  adventure park experience,
✔  cycling and ship tours,
✔  discovering local touristic values.

Students participate on communication trainings and on the spot activities.

Students of the summer university are tested at the end of the course and if they successfully pass the exam, they get a certificate to remember that they have acquired knowledge and experience in tour guiding.
Closing the programme students will take part in an unforgettable event.

Summer University 2019


University of Pannonia

Seated in Veszprém, one of the oldest towns in Hungary, the University of Pannonia was founded in 1949. It is the most significant institution of higher education in the Transdanubian region. With its long professional tradition and great past, the university offers degrees covering nearly all areas of science. This multidisciplinary university offers unparalleled opportunities to acquire knowledge in the fields of agricultural science, humanities, economics, engineering, information technology, education, social and natural sciences. Beside the main campus in Veszprém, it has campuses in Keszthely and Nagykanizs and offers training programs and carries out research in Kőszeg, Zalaegerszeg and Székesfehérvár.

The University of Pannonia is committed to knowledge, after all, it is cultivated and creating science, preserving and transmitting culture, forming quality and building a university, offering new perspectives for tutors, researchers, students and the professional community in a wider sense in the region, in Hungary and in Europe.

The University of Pannonia’s mission is to develop its scientific expertise and networks in such a way as to contribute to intellectual development, the quality of life and social wellbeing of the region. This will be achieved through the excellence of the faculties which are committed to continuous improvement and strive to advance creatively.

The University of Pannonia is composed of five faculties:
✔  The Faculty of Business and Economics
✔  The Faculty of Engineering
✔  The Faculty of Information Technology
✔  The Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences
✔  The Georgikon Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Summer University 2019

Faculty of Business and Economics

The University of Pannonia founded the Institute of Economics in 2000, which became the independent Institute of Economics in 2001. The institute was responsible for the economic programmes within the Faculty of Engineering until 2003, when the Faculty of Economics was established. In 2012 in accordance with the double profile the name has been officially altered to the faculty of Business and Economics.

The primary objective of the Faculty of Business and Economics is the education of economists, engineering managers and the further education and retraining of executives in a wide range of business areas. The aim is to produce professionals who are capable of creating, managing and leading systems of enterprises of national importance. The Faculty f Business and Economics of the University of Pannonia is recognised as a constantly growing and important intellectual centre in the Transdanubia region and contributes to the functioning and improvement of the public and civil society with its high quality education, research and development activities.

Summer University 2019


Veszprém is a medium sized town with around 60 000 inhabitants. As the centre of Veszprém County, it offers all the possibilities a student would need. There is a county library, two theatres, several of shopping facilities including a shopping mall with cinema, a zoo, charming cafés and restaurants.

Veszprém is known as the “City of Queens” since in the early years of the county’s history the castle of Veszprém was the residence of the Hungarian queens. The main square of the castle is surrounded by wonderful baroque buildings, museums, galleries and the Archbishop’s Palace. Close to the historical downtown, Veszprém is a modern university town.

In 2008 the Arena was built, which is the county’s second larges sport and event hall and the “home” of the famous Veszprém handball team. In the industrial parks of Veszprém numerous international companies operate, many of whom rely on the freshly graduated students.

The town is very strong in cultural events and festivals. The most well-known of these are the Gizella Days Arts Festival, the Street Music Festival, the Veszrém Fest and Veszprém Rally. The distance of the city from Budapest is 110 km (easily accessible by train or bus). The distance from the Lake Balaton is only 15 km.

Summer University 2019


Lake Balaton

Hungarians love their Balaton, which they call the “Hungarian Sea”. It is Central Europe’s largest fresh water lake. This is the second most visited touristic destination of the country, right after the capital. In summer it provides perfect holidays with a water temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Bike lovers can go for a ride around Lake Balaton, through picturesque landscapes. The small towns around the lake are cosy and offer exciting dining facilities, Balatonfüred, right on the shore, only 20 km from Veszprém, is rich in historic memorial places, mansions and villas. Tihany, located on a small peninsula, bears beautiful relics of the folk architecture and is famous for its abbey and lavender fields.

Summer University 2019
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