In a bid to strengthen ties between past and present students, University of Pannonia is reinventing its international alumni network, poised to bridge the gap between former graduates and the institution. This initiative aims to create a platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development.

The new alumni network aims to utilize the combined knowledge and expertise of graduates from different generations, nurturing a lively community focused on mutual support and cooperation. Whether individuals are exchanging career insights, exploring mentorship possibilities, or simply reconnecting with former peers, the network will strive to offer a wide range of opportunities for active involvement.

With the launch of its innovative alumni network, University of Pannonia takes a significant step towards nurturing lifelong relationships and empowering its graduates to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Join to the University of Pannonia’s new alumni network!

Additionally, recognizing the importance of catering to alumni needs, we have created a survey to gather insights into what alumni seek most within the network, providing them with an opportunity to voice their preferences and shape the future direction of the community.

For alumni eager to join the network or learn more about its offerings please fill out the alumni survey.

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