Interested in the science of marketing? Are you looking for a senior management position in sales, marketing, market research or advertising? Do you want to understand the interrelationships between market phenomena? Do you want to learn about an international science in an international environment? A master’s degree in Marketing is an excellent choice. The course is offered in English on a full-time basis and in Hungarian on a part-time basis.

  • are interested in relationships between market phenomena;
  • want to study consumption trends of the global world;
  • you have already completed marketing programmes and you would like to deepen your acquired knowledge;
  • you would like to complete your education acquired in another area with marketing knowledge;
  • would like to learn marketing methods of sustainable consumption and responsible corporate behavior;
  • would like to work in senior management position in the field of sales&marketing, market research or advertising;
  • plan to continue your studies in a doctoral school of business and management.
  • manufacturers and service providers;
  • trade companies;
  • public institutions;
  • non-profit organizations;
  • market research agencies;
  • advertising agencies;
  • e-commerce;
  • PR-firms;
  • consulting companies.

Furthermore, the obtained knowledge will qualify our graduates to launch and successfully operate their own businesses.

Application without precondition
Those holding a (BA/BSc) degree in Business Administration and Management, Finance and Accounting, International Economy, Commerce and Marketing or Technical Manager (or an equivalent degree of higher education) can be accepted to the Master’s programme without precondition.

Application with precondition
Students holding a degree of any level of higher education (BA/BSc, MA/MSc) except for the above listed programmes need to have at least 30 credit points from their earlier studies completed in for example Human Resources, Tourism and Catering, Applied Economics, Economy Analyses and similar with the following breakdown:

  • methodological knowledge fields (like Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology): 8-12 credit points
  • theoretical economics knowledge (like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Regional Economics, Economics History): 8-12 credit points
  • business knowledge (like Corporate Economics, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Leadership and Management, Human Resources, etc): 10-14 credit points

Language requirements
B2 level English language certificate (TOEFL/IELTS/ESOL/BEC/ECL/PTE/FCE/CAE/TELC/TOEIC/Euroexam) or Attestation of Language Proficiency in the case of former studies in English.

The content listed bellow is for informative purposes. For further details see the Programme in the curriculum. (“For students” – “Downloadable curricula”)

Foundation core modules:

  • Advanced Microeconomics,
  • Quantitative Methods in Economics,
  • ERP System,
  • Project Planning and Direction,
  • Strategic Management,
  • Advanced Corporate Finance,
  • Marketing Management,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Business Law,
  • Strategic marketing planning,
  • Marketing research,
  • Sociology and Psychology of Consumption,
  • Integrated Marketing Communication,
  • International marketing

Specific modules:

  • Business Relationship Management,
  • Competitive Strategies in International Manufacturing,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Intercultural Management,
  • Quality Management,
  • Sustainability,
  • E-marketing, Strategic Human Resource Management

Dissertation work

More information about the MSc in Marketing:

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