• Aim of the internship

    Aim of the internship

    The internship allows students to gain relevant work experience to learn how to identify and solve complex problems and helps them in the preparation for their thesis. The internship provides an opportunity for students to get acquainted with the operation of the organization:

    • Regarding processes, features and frameworks of professional work and activities of the different departments
    • Management information systems, managerial organization, decision making processes on different levels of the company
    • Internal and external partnerships, competitors and cooperation with other market players.
  • Place of internship

    Place of internship

    To complete the internship, students can apply to a position at any business or organization that undertake activities relevant to the field of their studies and which have existing positions requiring and employing someone with a higher education degree.

  • How can you find an internship?

    How can you find an internship?

    There are two methods for choosing the place of internship:

    • Students may choose from an existing list of organizations with an Internship Agreement, from the Faculty’s database.
    • Students can find internship for themselves. The programme leader or the internship coordinator of the Department has to approve the organization and may require references (company profile, brochures, webpage or other materials) that prove the eligibility of the organization for hosting the students.
  • Duration of internship

    Duration of internship

    Bachelor’s programs

    BSc in Business Administration and Management, BSc in International Business Economics, BSc in Tourism and Catering

    The duration of the internship is 12 weeks. It can be started after the student acquired at least 156 credit points. The student has to submit a proof of credit points before the internship.

    Master’s programs

    MSc in Tourism Management

    Internship is not mandatory.

    MSc in Marketing

    The duration of the internship is 4 weeks. It can be started after the second completed semester.

  • Admission procedure

    Admission procedure

    Application form, Reference and Proof of Performance, Internship report

    The compulsory internship is determined by the Educational and Outcome Requirements. Before starting the internship students need to apply for the internship in accordance with the curriculum of the given programme.

    1. The application form is available in the Moodle system, under Official Documents -> Documents for Procedures -> Documents for Internship, form title: ‘Application Form for Internship’ The application form must be filled in and signed by the host institution and approved by the programme leader or the internship coordinator of the Department. Students are notified whether their application was accepted or rejected.
    2. The host institution should provide an evaluation (Reference and Proof of Performance) regarding the performance of the student.
    3. Students are required to submit a written report after completing the internship. The final report should include the description of the activities performed and the assessment of new knowledge gained.

    The report and the necessary documents must be submitted to the programme leader by no later than the 3rd week of the following semester.

  • Ask from Internship coordinators here!

    Ask from Internship coordinators here!

    Internship coordinators of the Faculty

    Faculty responsible: Megyeri Lóránt / megyeri.lorant@gtk.uni-pannon.hu

    Bsc in Business Administration and Management: Dr. Dániel Zoltán András / daniel.zoltan@gtk.uni-pannon.hu

    BSc in International Business Economics: Neumanné Dr. Virág Ildikó / virag.ildiko@gtk.uni-pannon.hu

    BSc in Tourism and Catering Dr. Strack Flórián / strack.florian@gtk.uni-pannon.hu

    MSc in Marketing Dr. Veres Zoltán / veres.zoltan@gtk.uni-pannon.hu