We are remembering our beloved colleague, Alan Clarke with aching hearts.
Alan joined the community of Department of Tourism in 2004. He contributed to the teaching and research work of the department, and with his constant cheerfulness, kindness and supportive attitude, he quickly integrated into our diverse team. He was always open and direct to his colleauges and his students alike, therefore he was a great help on the bumpy road to university internationalization at that time. He also helped launching our English language major, organizing international conferences and participating in them. His academic work was outstanding. During his career he enriched the international literature on tourism with numerous books, book chapters and other publications, and raised the standard of many conferences with his expertism and his cheerful presentations and lectures.
His presence brought a new colour to the everyday life of the department. Through him we were able to learn many new things about the Anglo-Saxon culture and way of thinking. His openness, enthusiasm and active social network provided us with constant encouragement and motivation. He was always helping us to speak „proper English”. His remarkable professional experience was a confirmation and help for many of us in uncertain moments during our work.
Last but not least, we never forget his great humour, thus we say goodbye to him with his own words: “Take care, Alan!”
Alan Clarke, university professor, passed away on 22nd of July, 2021, at the age of 65.