Upstream Commercial Intern

What you can expect

Meaningful work experience in one of world’s largest energy companies. Member of Budapest Upstream team with the opportunity:
– to learn about the Energy business and ExxonMobil’s leading role in energy transition;
– to work on your professional development via training and on the job learning;
– to receive a full-time job offer in case of a successful 6 months term internship

Actual work activities depend on the specific role, consisting of contract, land management, digital transformation and commodity trading.

What are they looking for

– Last year of Bachelor’s or ongoing Master’s degree in business economics, accounting or equivalent
– Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills
– Strong communication and interpersonal skills, mastering of English language
– Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks
– Ability to work in 24h/30h/32h per week for 6 months
– In case of non-EU citizens, valid student visa at least for 6 months from potential Internship hiring

What awaits you
– Interesting work in an international environment
– Opportunity to receive a full-time job offer in case of a succesfull 6 months term internship
– Daily contact with international counterparties
– Opportunities for job specific and broader career development trainings
– Opportunities to develop experience in the organization
– Opportunities to enhance communication and language skills, job specific and broader trainings, mentoring, self-development opportunities, tuition assistance program supporting studies with business relevance

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