Doctoral SchoolThe Faculty of Business and Economics has a recognised and powerful doctoral school in which excellent professors lead research groups in the field of economics, business and management.


Research fields of the Doctoral School of Management Sciences and Business Administration:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Economics
  • Management Sciences


Objectives of the PhD Programme:

  • To transfer to the PhD students of world-class cutting-edge research and scientific knowledge in the areas of economics and applied economics.
  • To involve the doctoral students in the research work of leading academics and to achieve results that are internationally recognized; mentor-student relationship building.
  • To involve the doctoral students in assignments that provides training in the fundamentals, in order to encourage PhD students to continue their work as university teachers.
  • To build a wide range of international scientific-research contacts with institutions that is recognized in the disciplines both internationally and domestically.


Fields of Study:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Strategic Management
  • International Management


The Prerequisites for Obtaining a Doctoral Degree:

  • The successful completion of a combined final exam.
  • At least two or three publication of academic work (at least one in a refereed domestic journal, or equivalent book, excerpt or chapter of a book, and at least one in a refereed international journal, book, or equivalent, excerpt or chapter of a book, or at least two non-refereed foreign journals, or equivalent, book, excerpt or chapter of a book.
  • The defending of a doctoral dissertation at the workplace, and in a public debate.


Forms of Training:

  • Full-time
  • Individual training


Head of Programme:

Dr. Ádám Török


Further information:

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