BA in Applied Economics is for you if you…

  • wish to know more about the factors driving the economy,
  • are keen on learning about the interconnectedness of economic events happening around you,
  • intend to play a meaningful role in the economic processes locally or globally,
  • are eager to learn from experienced scholars,
  • are ready to participate in interesting research projects,
  • are yet unsure about your future career path and wish to acquire comprehensive skills that can help you pursue a professional career in business or an academic career in economics.

Our graduates are usually employed by…

  • state or local administration organizations such as the National Bank of Hungary, the State Audit Office, the Central Statistical Office, the National Tax and Customs Administration, the Hungarian State Treasury, ministries, municipalities, other public offices,
  • credit and other financial institutions,
  • consulting or auditing firms,
  • project offices of regional development agencies,
  • multinational or local manufacturing or service providing companies,
  • EU institutions or their national cooperating partners,
  • economic research centers,
  • universities or other institutions of education.

Our program is also designed to prepare you to pursue further master level studies and obtain an MA degree.

Did you know that in our program…

…you will learn about the economic models and other achievements of Nobel prize winning economists?
…you will learn from acclaimed researchers of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences?
…you will learn to use different statistical and econometric software which you can later apply in most fields of work?

Classification of the degree certificate

Economist in Applied Economics


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Dr. Szikszai SzabolcsDr. Szabolcs Szikszai
head of programme

University of Pannonia – Department of Economics

Address: H-8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.
Phone: (88) 624-894


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