graz_university_summer_schoolLeadership and Education : The Future of Europe?

Within this summer school we will discuss leadership as European leadership in state, society, and religion on a global level. We will offer examples of European leadership within the areas of fundamental rights, technology, climate change, peaceful cooperation, and global affairs. We will be discussing who will be the leaders of Europe tomorrow, what qualities they need, and which challenges they will face.

Our definition of education encompasses various levels. We will focus on European models of education, and its paradigm shift initiated by the introduction of the Bologna Process, as well as on the implications for education and learning as defined in the Lisbon Agenda 2020. Debates will also include the question of education about Europe and the European Union.

The topics addressed in this summer school raise issues of leadership, of values and norms, of identity formation, which transcend the borders of Europe. While it is clear that education is the basis for personal development, social inclusion, economic innovation, and awareness of fundamental rights, key questions about the future remain open. In a world characterized by rapid change through Europeanization, regionalization, and globalization, leadership and education will be pathways to possible solutions. The right to education is of key importance for a continent whose main resources are knowledge and human capital.

Summer School:
15 -29 July 2012
Seggau Castle, Leibnitz, Austria