VENTARNATIONAL PICNIC6International people + university days (VEN) + games + prizes + free pizza + fun = VENternational Picnic

VENternational Picnic by the Faculty of Economics
26 April 2012, upper campus (VEN- university days)

1.30-2.30 VEN-Sleng, Lithuania, Croatia, Italy
Study sleng and pick-up lines in foreign languages. You might need them once… 🙂

2.30pm-3pm Games without borders by AIESEC
Fun competition for the first prize!

3pm-3.30pm Giant nine men’s morris
Team up and destroy the enemy! by BEST

3.30pm-4pm International Music Jam,
Bring your instruments and play with us! Bring guitars, drums, pots and spoon…..everything you can make noise with! by ESN

4pm-5pm Pizza and Chat with the American Corner.
Topic: Study/work abroad.
Let’s talk while having a nice pizza and some drink.

The programs are free!