June 21-August 31. –  Summer Reading Program and Reading Recommendations
June 22, Wednesday – Movie and Pizza Night
June 23, Thursday 16.30 – English Conversation Club
June 27-July 1 – American Summer Institute
June 28, Tuesday 16.30 – Special Book Club with a draw of prizes
June 29, Wednesday 18.30 – Denine LeBlanc piano concert
June 30, Thursday 18.30 – Hip-Hop Club with break dancers
June 30, Thursday 18.30 – English Conversation Club

The American Corner closes down for summer recess between July 11-August 1 . During this time there will be no programs held.


This term we are screening documentaries on American Presidents as part of our monthly Movie and Pizza Nights.
Come and join us next Wednesday at 18.00 to watch and discuss the next must-see documentary.
On June 22, 2011 we are screening the PBS documentary  Compromise Choices, which shows us the achievements of the following presidents: Franklin Pierce, James A. Garfield, Warren G. Harding and Gerald Ford.
The movie is shown in English with English subtitles.
Attendance is free. Pizza comes from one of the best restaurants in town. Everybody interested is welcome.
Fill out our quiz after the movie to win an American Corner stressball.
Do not forget to register to this movie at
The American Corner provides pizza to all registered participants for free.

Time:    18.00
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Venue: Nagy Laszlo Room
Eotvos Karoly County Library
Veszprem, Komakut ter 3.

Hip-Hop Music and Culture
Simultaneously with every last English Conversation Club of the month, you have the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of Hip-Hop music and culture.
In June the focus of the Hip-Hop Club is the strongest element: break.
We are going to have a look at the unique world of b-boys and b-girls.
Here everything is about introducing the elements, spinning and physics.
This is more than a kind of dance, this is a lifestyle, which will be brought to you by initiated break dancers.
Come and get to know more about the origins, the essence and the message of Hip-Hop.

Guest: Szollár Irén (Earchee)
Discussion leader: Kindler Krisztián
Music: Timár Csaba
The language of the club remains English.

Participation in the club is free, moreover, we will invite you for refreshments and cookies.
The motto of the Hip-Hop Club is: “You must learn.”

Time: 16.30 Thursday, June 30, 2011.
Venue: Irodeak Tea House, Eötvös Károly County Library and Cultural Institute
Veszprém, Komakút tér 3.

American Summer Institute
Do you want to improve your English with American teachers?Would you like to learn more about the USA from authentic sources? USA civilization course for those interested in American culture, education, society, customs, language, history, politics, economy, law, celebrations and travel. Have you considered continuing your studies in the USA? Would you like to get a job with a foreign company? English language communication skills training based on topics related to American culture, education and management. Do you want to hold your position in business using English? English language workshop for developing your state-of-the-art management and business skills.
One-week training courses for students and adults!
From (Monday to Friday) June 27. to July 1. 2011. daily from 8.00 to 12.00-ig, 4 classes x5
Building “A”  University of PannoniaFees:  HUF 250/class, i.e. HUF 5000/week (to be paid in advance on your registration)

Further information and registration:
Magasi Anikó
Assembly of Veszprém County
Presidential Cabinet,
International relations
and protocol officer
Tel.: 88/545037
Mobile: 30/9160789
Fax.: 88/545012

Bertalan Judit
Eötvös Károly County Library
and Cultural Institute,
Director of the American Corner
Veszprém, Komakút tér 3.
Tel.: 88/560600
Mobile: 20/4709856
Fax.: 88/560600

The courses are recommended for participants of at least intermediate language skills or higher.