One of the main goals of the University of Pannonia is to adapt its education to the needs of the labor market. The university seeks to develop corporate collaborations in which its partner is an active participant in educational and research processes and, through their internship programs, participate in the career-conscious development and motivation of students. To achieve this, the University of Pannonia has signed a framework cooperation agreement with the ExxonMobil Business Support Center.

The ExxonMobil Business Support Center awaits purposeful, curious and motivated students who seek challenges and become active participants in the multicultural environment that ExxonMobil provides them with their youthful impetus and thirst for knowledge. In Hungary they focus mainly on controlling and commercial activities, so it has strengthened its relationship with the Faculty of Business and Economics.

This cooperation does not rely solely on short-term internships. Within the framework of closer cooperation, it proposes topics for dissertations and diploma theses, contributes to the organization of case study competitions, and professionally supports the preparation of students for the Scientific Student Conference.

The University of Pannonia and ExxonMobil build on each other’s professional experience, so they organize courses and trainings for effective knowledge sharing.

The ExxonMobil offered scholarship opportunities, conference participation, and sponsorship of competitions to the University of Pannonia, with which they contribute to the development of university talent and the achievement of excellence. The university provides an opportunity for ExxonMobil Business Support Center professionals to share their knowledge with future generations as guest speakers and contribute to practice-oriented, collaborative education.

The cooperation framework agreement was signed on behalf of the University of Pannonia by Dr. András Gelencsér, Rector and Chancellor Zsolt Csillag, on behalf of the ExxonMobil Business Support Center by Jeroen Kirschbaum and Jeroen Strating at the headquarters of ExxonMobil in Budapest.