P1030309Modern inside – modern outside

The Faculty of Economics’ innovative, modern, student-friendly atmosphere felt itself no longer comfortable in its old-fashioned home, Building A. In the previous phase of the renovation the two biggest lecture theatres and three smaller rooms were renewed and refurbished.

Now it was time to add the entrance hall and the buffet area a new style, not to mention the rooms on the ground floor. The construction work has started in the summer, and lectures were first held in the new rooms at the end of October.

The dark colors of the entrance hall were replaced by cream color tiles on the floor and dark blue by the walls. The walls which were previously covered in dark reddish marble-like stones, got a younger out-look with light wooden cover. With these changes the hall, where students are usually waiting for their next classes and which is a general meeting point, now became much brighter and modern. The buffet from this hall moved to the basement level where now they have more room, more tables and chairs to sit down.

P1030310Seven rooms were completely renewed on the ground floor. The rooms got new desks, new chairs and new blackboards. One room is turned into convertible computer room. This means, that the room will be equipped with laptops that can be easily removed when they are not needed.

With these renovations Building A become friendlier, more welcoming and now provides a more pleasant environment for studying.