fincsiDear students, we hope you are having a good time in Veszprém, at the University of Pannonia and in Hungary. Hopefully you are enjoying the well-deserved summer holiday after the exam period.

We are certain that you are full of great ideas and interesting initiatives that we and the citizens of Veszprém would appreciate. You may be aware that Veszprém is bidding for the European Capital of Culture 2023 title and within the framework of this project you have the opportunity to introduce yourselves and your nations and your cultures. We are planning to organise a Multinational Culinary Event, staged in the main square (Óváros tér) in Veszprém, where you and your friends from the same nation could prepare your favourite national dishes and let the local citizens taste them. It would be great if you could also wear the traditional costumes of your country, or perform a traditional dance, or play on a musical instrument typical of your country etc.

We are looking for small groups of 3-5 students from the same nation. Everything you may need will be provided, just please let us know. We need the following information:

  • Captain of the group (name and e-mail address):
  • Name of the group members:
  • Nationality of the group:
  • Recipe of the food (please indicate how many people it could serve):
  • All ingredients you need:
  • Equipment you need (pots, fireplace, blender, utensils, etc):
  • Extra programme/features you can perform (dance, dress, music, etc):

The event would take place around the 15th or 22nd September (or 6th October).

If you are interested or if you have any questions please contact us using this address by the 6th August: and us back the filled application form.

Have a nice summer and hope to see you in September among the multinational chefs 🙂