Welcome to the website of the Marketing Focus Laboratory of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pannonia!

FOCUS LABORATORY – Would you like to learn more about the opinions of your consumers and know whether your product or service will be successful?

Based on group dynamics, focus group research explores users’ opinions, feelings, and motivations. The most obvious answers are always given by users. We are at the service of our partners with our modernly equipped focus lab for professional inquiries of consumers. These researches answer the „what?”, „why?” and „how?” questions.

We would like to share with you the happy news that University of Pannonia – in Veszprém – has opened the possibility for (PhD) students, research groups, company professionals to conduct qualitative research in our established Focus Laboratory. The extremely modern and innovative space is designed and equipped to meet the requirements of the 21st century.

The design of the focus lab, the qualified moderators and experts in analysis allow you to get to know the honest opinion of consumers with the following tests:

  • We need to understand and explore the respondents’ thinking, opinion formation process, habits and attitudes (e.g.: product testing/purchase process);
  • We want to use the creativity and ideas of consumers (e.g.: product or service development);

  • A deeper understanding of consumer preferences, feedback and opinions (e.g.: advertising concept testing).


See through the eyes of consumers! How is it possible?

Our focus lab is equipped with a mobile and fixed eye camera, which can track and record the movement of the human eye, so it is also possible to track what the consumer pays most attention to.

What can be used for?

  • Testing the structure of websites, the placement of information and their usefulness;
  • Optimization of online and offline (e.g.: displayed in stores) sales surfaces and websites;
  • Examination of user behaviour (detection of typical shopping trips);
  • Design success testing;
  • Creating user-friendly online interfaces.

In addition to focus group/expert interviews, the facility is also suitable for conducting in-hall tests (e.g.: product, advertising, series), workshops, podcasts, and videocasts.

Supporting Team

The team of the marketing focus lab has extensive expertise and many years of international and national experience in the fields of economics: marketing, tourism, urban and regional development, technical and human management, international management, logistics and finance.

As a result, in addition to the location and equipment rental, we undertake the full implementation of research, from planning the research concept and conducting the research to interpretation.

  • For salespeople and employees performing marketing tasks
  • For market researchers, advertisers, advertising designers
  • For product and service developers
  • For companies and market participants
  • For university researchers (PhD students, research groups)
  • Civil and other organizations
  • For municipalities and state actors
  • And/or for users facing any corporate/consumer decision

Our contact details:

  • E-mail: focuslab@gtk.uni-pannon.hu or hargitai.david@gtk.uni-pannon.hu
  • Phone: +36 88 624-879
  • Address: University of Pannonia, 10 Egyetem street, 8200 Veszprém, Hungary
    PO Box: H-8210 Veszprém, Pf. 1158