Managing the Unmanageable: Reflections on the Running of Business Schools

Presentation held by

Professor Roderick Martin   MA   DPhil   DLitt   (Oxford)

5 December 2011, 1 pm, Conference Room, Building B, 2nd Floor

In British universities, business schools recruit the largest number of students at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  Yet the death of the business school has been prophesied several times over: on the academic side, they lack solid disciplinary foundations; on the business side, they lack practical experience and relevance.  Business schools, and their directors, have to ride two horses at the same time.

Is it possible to reconcile the interests of all stakeholders – university, business community, government, local community, students, and the business school profession?  Can business schools adopt the techniques of competitive business?  If so, should they?  What are the major financial issues facing the running of business schools?  What relevance does the British experience have for Hungary?