classThe ‘Leading successful teams’ course was held between the 8th and 16th of April 2013 by Dr. Margaret Thompson from the Clayton State University, GA, USA.

Before the class started I expected lots of fun and lots of practical knowledge based on teamwork and a teaching method which is much different from what Hungarian students are used to. I got all of them.

The classes were very interactive which means that we had to listen actively, participate and be active members of our group. The teaching method of Dr. T. was very different from our Hungarian professors’, since in the classes she used many non-formal education elements.

In the first class we – the 15 participants – have been randomly divided into 3 groups and we kept these groups until the end of the course. Each team had to find a team project that we were working on during the whole week. To realize our plan we had to do some off-class activities such as some social programs, some discussions and some homework. Along the course we turned in 6 short papers and held 3 presentations on different topics.

The atmosphere of the course was very pleasant and every participant enjoyed the whole week together. I hope that we can have similar courses in the near future.