John E. Parkerson az óránJohn E. Parkerson, Professor of Clayton State University arrived from Georgia, United States of America to the University of Pannonia, Hungary, where he held very useful and interesting lectures of Business Simulation course. Mr. Parkerson – who represents Hungary as the honorary consul in the southern states of United States of America – helped us deepen the curriculum by sharing his own experiences, which made his lectures very enjoyable.

Being a well-known and experienced businessman, he told a lot about his own experiences and introduced several American cases, which did not reach Hungary, or simply were not mentioned by the Hungarian media, enriching our professional knowledge. Besides improving our language knowledge, he was eager to present the nowadays business life and etiquette in practice, entertaining us with several jokes and quips.

At the lectures, he urged to build up less strict and less bound relationship between himself and the students. His thoughtful, understanding and captivating personality will always remain an example for us: even in this rushing, business-oriented world, building up personal relationships and contact is still really important. His clothing mirrored his informal, accommodating personality:  though he always appeared in tie and smoking, at the second lecture his tie was already loosened and by the third, he even took his smoking off. At the beginning of class on Monday, he showed us some of his pictures taken at the weekend, presenting what he had spent his free time with, showing us Hungary from his point of view, which comes handy for us to see how foreigners see and judge Hungary.

We learned a lot at his lectures, and through his “tales”, we came to realize, how much he is recognized by professionals and what a great knowledge he possess.

I encourage those, who are interested in Delta Airlines, to take his courses, because you get easily familiar with the structure of the whole company, thanks to his case studies, and stories.