The Faculty of Business and Economics will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2023. We will mark the anniversary with a jubilee academic year of exciting activities, with the active participation of our current and former students, teachers, staff and partners.

The jubilee academic year will start with the central opening ceremony on 11 September 2023. The event is also a dignified commemoration of the successful work of one of our great predecessors: the unveiling of the statue of Dr. Zoltán Gaál, Professor Emeritus, former Rector of our University. The anniversary academic year will be a year of professional and community-building events, activities and challenges, with the active involvement of our students, teachers, supporters and partners. Programmes – including excursions, competitions, conferences, commemorations and thematic events – will be available on the faculty website and social media channels.

The anniversary logo will indicate which event is part of the FBE20 programme.

Let’s celebrate 20 years of FBE together!