Berlin_2011_csoportEight Faculty members of the Tourism Department took part in the 3-days-long very informative and inspiring Convention days of ITB Berlin in March. The ITB, the world’s largest tourism trade fair lasted 5 days in Berlin and attracted guests from all over the world. Over 11,000 exhibitors from 188 countries were eager to offer their services by helping consumers to find the best lodging, plan personal destination trips and take advantage of a variety of tours and activities. About 170,000 visitors attended the fair this year. The visitors were offered the opportunity to learn about current travel trends of the travel industry.  This year’s main topics were sustainability, innovation, eco-mobility, social responsibility and new opportunities in social media in connection with tourism. Our small group divided itself in order to be present at most of the professional programmes and after arriving home we shared our experience with each other and with our colleagues who could not participate at the fair. For me, this program was a special experience, so I suggest all of you to take part in this unique event where “the top knowledge is free of charge.”