Let me introduce our Erasmus students from Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Turkey.

Why is it good to be an Erasmus student?

I’m Marcelina from Poland and already a very happy Erasmus student inVeszprem:) I come from the beautiful city of Wrocław where I study and live since 4 years.
I study Finance and Banking at the Department of Management and deeply hope it is a good choice:) Apart of studying I meet my friends, do some gymnastics and simply try to enjoy my life as much as I can – only once we are young!
My Erasmus adventure began about a year ago when I applied “by accident” for it.
While looking trough all possible universities around Europe it was Veszprem which has drawn my attention the most. The University of Pannonia not only offers you an extend diversity of subject to take up in English(also in German) but it’s also situated in a beautiful and mysterious city.
Veszprem, though it is not a metropolis still has got a lot of advantages to be taken of. What is more, when you look at the map you can easily recognize it’s interesting location – e.g.Balaton Lake to reach in 25 min, Budapest and Vien in 2 h, Zagreb in 4h and many others:)
At the beginning I did not know for sure if I’ll deal with studying abroad and that entire staff about being around completely new people in foreign country.
And once decided to take up this great possibility not to miss any adventure in my life:)

So see you somewhere in Veszprem!*