Dr. Hack-Handa JózsefName: Dr. József HACK-HANDA
Department: Department of Marketing

  • Introduction to market research (BA)
  • Introduction to marketing (BA)
  • Organizational and Industrial Sociology (BA)
  • Social aspects of business life (BA)
  • Practice of problemsolving I. (BA)

Year of birth: 1974

  • Sociology MA, PhD
  • Philosophy MA

Workplace, appointment: Deparment of Marketing, Senior Research Fellow
Scientific degree: PhD
Language skills:

  • English
  • French

Main research topics:

  • Lifestyle
  • Media
  • Rational Choice Theory
  • Political public opinion research

List of publications:
Dr. József Hack-Handa’s publications are available here. >>>
Expert activities:

  • 2013-2016. eNET Ltd., research manager – responsible for a macroeconomic and social modelling project and market research projects
  • 2000-2010. Szonda Ipsos, Ipsos Ltd., research manager – responsible for public opinion, social and market research projects

Scientific, professional membership:

  • member of Association for Marketing Education and Research (EMOK)

Room: A/113
E-mail: hack-handa.jozsef@gtk.uni-pannon.hu
Consulting Hours: On Monday. Time arrangment by e-mail is necessary.