UntitledDavid Regéczi  is giving lectures on Governance and Partnerships at our Faculty 12-23 April, 2010.
David is a regular visiting lecturer at the Department of Management and returns every year to Veszprem. Outside the classroom he is a policy analyst with the Dutch-based, international research and consultancy firm ECORYS. He specialises in cluster policies, public-private partnerships, foreign direct investment, and network governance—in essence, the space where private enterprise, government, and other stakeholders interact. He uses social network theory to inform both his public policy recommendations and to manage his research teams.

Over the last years, he has both been a key expert and research leader for clients in both the public and private sector. Most recently, he completed a needs analysis and segmentation of the city and port of Rotterdam for General Electric, helping to forward GE’s efforts to do business with public bodies in Europe. He is also research leader and deputy team leader for a study examining the competitiveness of the European meat processing industry, looking at the line between voluntary codes of conduct and government intervention. In the field of industrial clusters, he has been heavily involved in projects designed to identify and promote clusters in Kenya and Turkey, offering both methodological support and training.

David obtained a PhD in public policy from the University of Twente in the Netherlands, where he explored accountability and sustainable development in the context of (market-based) public-private partnerships. The case studies used for his thesis included a look at motorway construction for the M0 and M6 in Hungary, the construction of the new “Canada Line” high-speed transit system in Vancouver, Canada, and the construction of the Olympic Village on the Southeast False Creek, also in Vancouver.