Exploring Community Festivals and Event

Exploring Community Festivals and Event

A book was published with title “Exploring Community Festivals and Events” edited by Dr. Alan Clarke, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business and Economics, and his colleague Allan Jepson.

Exploring Community Festivals and Events

Edited by Allan Jepson, Alan Clarke

The development of the festival and event industry has seen large scale growth and extensive government support as a result of objectives to enhance and project the image of place and leverage positive sponsorship and regeneration opportunities. As we move deeper into austerity measures prompted by economic recession, community festivals and events as a sacred or profane time of celebration can be considered even more important than ever before.

This book for the first time explores the role and importance of ‘community’, ‘culture’ and its impact through festivals and events. Split into two distinct sections, the first introduces key themes and concepts, contextualises local traditions and culture, and investigates how festivals and events can act as a catalyst for tourism and create a sense of community. It then questions the social and political nature of festivals and community events through examining their ownership. The second section focuses on communities themselves, seeking to examine and discuss key emerging themes in community event studies such as; the role of diaspora, imagined communities, pride and identity, history, producing and consuming space and place, authenticity, and multi-ethnic communities. Examples are drawn from Portugal, the Dominican Republic, the USA, Malaysia, Malta, Finland and Australia making this book truly international.

This significant volume will be valuable reading for students and academics across the fields of Event, Tourism and Hospitality studies as well as other social science disciplines.

Chapter Listing;

1. Defining and exploring community festivals and events Allan Jepson & Alan Clarke

2. Organic Festivity: A Missing Element of Community Festival Vern Biaett

3. Experiencing Community Festivals and Events: Insights from Finnish Summer Festivals Maarit Kinnunen & Antti Haahti

4. Festivals and sense of community in places of transition: The Yakkerboo Festival, an Australian case study Michelle Duffy & Judith Mair

5. New and old tourism traditions – The case of Skieda in Livigno, Italian Alps Margherita Pedrana

6. ‘Whose festival?’: Examining questions of participation, access and ownership in rural festivals Jodie George, Rosie Roberts, & Jessica Pacella

7 . “Wha’s Like Us?” Scottish Highland Games in America and the Identity of the Scots’ Diaspora Jenny Flinn & Daniel Turner

8. Football on the Weekend: Rural Events and the Haitian Imagined Community in the Dominican Republic Nicholas Wise

9. Pride, Identity and Authenticity in Community Festivals and Events in Malta Vincent Zammit

10. The Importance of community events in nationalist oriented political environments: the case of Portuguese Estado Novo Cândida Cadavez

11. “Something Greater than the Sum of its Parts”: Narratives of Sense of Place at a Community Multicultural Festival Kelley A. McClinchey

12. Open House Food Catering: Does It Destroy Local Culture and Traditions? A perspective from Malaysia Azilah Kasim, Mohamed Azlan Ashaari & Shahrul Aman Sabir Ahmad

13. Religion, Community and Events Rev. Ruth Dowson

14. ‘Taste’-ing Festivals: Understanding Constructions of Rural Identity through Community Festivals Jessica Pacella, Jodie George & Rosie Roberts

15. Swiss and Italian Identities: Exploring Heritage, Culture and Community in Regional Australia Leanne White

16. The Pozières Son et Lumière: Peace and memory after the Great War Caroline Winter

17. End of the rainbow? A review of community events in Liverpool W. Gerard Ryan

18. Exploring, defining and concluding upon community festivals and events Allan Jepson & Alan Clarke