We are participating on 5th time in the Bakony Expo between 9-11 of November. It is a jubilee occasion for us therefore, we are take a part in a larger number and also greater enthusiasm.

What the Bakony Expo about: Primary Producers from the county offers their product. The visitors can gain insight of the production process and get acquainted with different tools.

We will conduct a survey during the Expo – to help the organizers work.

On Saturday from 12:00 till 14:00 on the stage we are prepare with the Cooking-World (Főző Világ), tastes and rhythms from the World event which will be organized by University of Pannonia, Helyben a Hely(i)ért Rural Development Association and the Lélektér Fundation. On this event students from five nation will introduce themselves and their culinary: the Maltese, the Turkish, the Spanish, the Lithuanian and the Hungarian. Péter Gulyás the ambassador of EKF (the cultural capital of Europe) and Gergő Iváncsik handball player will taste the prepared meals.

Please Welcome