• are looking for obtaining an overall qualification, which can be applied in numerous business fields,
  • would like to further specialize later during your master’s studies or at your workplace,
  • are interested in taking part in research and analysis related to the efficient operation of enterprises as well as in management tasks,
  • would like to get to know the economic and business relations of the information society and would like to get familiar with information management and mass communication,
  • find it challenging to solve complex tasks,
  • agree that a modern businessman must have an excellent ability to build relationships, good command of communication skills in foreign languages and is a computer literate.
  • management of factories,
  • service companies,
  • logistic headquarters,
  • state institutions (e.g. tax and customs administration, competition authority),
  • government offices and agencies,
  • national and regional development institutions,
  • municipalities,
  • research centres,
  • private enterprises,
  • Finished secondary school studies.
  • B2 level English language certificate (TOEFL/IELTS/ESOL/BEC/ECL/PTE/FCE/CAE/TELC/TOEIC/Euroexam) or Attestation of Language Proficiency in the case of former studies in English.
  • … by completing this programme you will be able to start and lead an own enterprise?
  • … you can learn how to increase sales and what generation-, relationship-, non-business and direct marketing mean?
  • … you will get to know what the relationship is between the operation of the companies and the economic development of a region?
  • … you can take a deeper look at the trends of the 21st century and their effects on the economics and the enterprises?

More information about the BSc in Business Administration and Management:

Dr. Zoltán András DÁNIEL

Head of Programme
Building “A” 2nd floor Room 216
Phone: +36 88 624 – 215
e-mail: daniel.zoltan@gtk.uni-pannon.hu


International coordinator
Building “A” 2nd floor Room 223
Phone: +36 88 624 – 136
e-mail: vajda.tunde@gtk.uni-pannon.hu