Within the framework of the America Wweek (10-14 March) the University of Pannonia in collaboration with Nazareth College (Rochester, New York) organised a trip to Hungary for 12 American students and their teachers. Nazareth Colleage and the University of Pannonia have already maintainedbeen keeping up their relations for years as the two universities started a joint major course in Nazareth which is also available for Hungarian students. During the week the American as well as the Hungarian students and teachers gave presentations oin topics connected to the USA. We heard an extensive amount of information about the American music industry, entertainment, business, arts. and wWe also got acquainted with some of the problems the American society is facing nowadays, like illegal immigration to the US and racism. Besides these, the American students got an insight into the Hungarian hospitality in the homes of their host students and at the end of the week they took farewell of each other with a heavy heart keeping the unforgettable memories and friendships.

Fruzsina Nagy