My name is Konrad and I’m from  Poland. Do you remember Józef Bem? He was also a Pole. And we also have our fabulous friendship :).

I’m living in a charming city in south-western part of Poland – Wroclaw.  If you are planning to travel to this country, you should surely visit this city. During the day you can do some sightseeing and in the evening you can have a great party underground places you have visited earlier. Not without reason  Wroclaw is called „a meeting place”. And we have also 4th place in Europe in number of bridges.

I study Marketing and Management at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Wroclaw University of Economics. It’s a quite good university, so if you are studying management, economics or finance   and planning to go for an Erasmus exchange it could be a good choice.

I’m totally addicted to volleyball. I’m playing for more than 10 years now, but don’t think that I’m a kind of professional. One year ago I also started a referee career. Maybe I can help your University team in wining some games 🙂 ?

Why am I here? First of all Erasmus could be a greatest experience in my life and excellent opportunity to discover other cultures. I love to meet people from foreign countries and learn from them. I also have to improve my English .

Why Hungary? I thought – I will go south so it will be warmer here…but it turned out that it isn’t true :). And seriously speaking – I wanted to learn about the culture and history of the country, which passed a quite similar way as Poland after WW2.

Why University of Pannonia? To be honest – it was the only university with whom we signed an agreement. But I do not regret it, Veszprém is a lovely city. Life goes quietly over here. People are very nice. I really enjoy being here.

See you!