KépkivágásThe International Association for Political Science Students along is inviting you to be part of the 6th IAPSS Academic Conference. The Academic Conference will take place from September 27th to October 1st 2013 in Budva, Montenegro.

The topic of the Conference is “Challenges to Global Political Economy”

The deadline to register for the Academic Conference is 5th August 2013. Please refer to http://acmontenegro2013.me/

to apply for the conference.

The three main topics that we will elaborate on during the three days of this conference are:
The aim of Political Economy and International Economic Relations – traditional approaches and criticisms of the traditional divide and the relationship between democracy and markets, global markets and international competition;
The link between the socio-economic model and financial crises – the regulatory reform, how they develop and how they could be prevented;
Solutions to emerging economic problems – The Global Village and the new global economic order

We would be very grateful if you could share this invitation with your colleagues.

If you have more questions, please let us know: info@acmontenegro2013.me
For more information please visit our website: http://acmontenegro2013.me/