If we were to analyze the advantages of being an Erasmus student, we could say that one of them is represented by the fact that the students have the opportunity to experience something new, like different ways of teaching.

Secondly, we can refer to the fact that students are able to improve their abilities in communication in a foreign language. They will notice that living in a foreign country for some time helps a lot in learning that specific language.

Moreover, being an Erasmus is a good chance to make friends all over the world. Together you can make parties and get to know a lot about different countries’ customs, about people’s character and their culture. Then, as an Erasmus student one has the possibility to take part in many organisations which imply travelling in different cities and know better the country you are visiting.

Do not forget though that this experience besides having fun is also about studying and returning home with new knowledge.
Do not hesitate then and be an Erasmus at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pannonia. 🙂