CC-2.0-by-Haukur H.

CC-2.0-by-Haukur H.

Meet Mika Kylänen
on theWorld Travellers’ Club

on 26th October at 7 pm

in the Central Hostel (Központi Kollégium, Egyetem str. 12.)

What makes Finland special?

What is the first thing that comes to mind about Finland? Snowy winters, pleasantly warm summers, colourful springs and autumns? Lots of trees and an endless carpet of forest with lakes in between? A breath of fresh air? The endless days of summer? The cool winters and the other cool things like Finlandia, berries and reindeers and Jolopukki?
A safe country with well-developed infrastructure, good service and high technology?
Space? Peace? Quiet? Time?

It could be any of these but you may still be wondering what Finland is really like. Who are these Finns and what are they like? How do they live and what are they interested in?

Come and see for yourself!

Bring your mug and be our guest for a drink!

The presentation will be broadcasted on-line: